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Inspired Walls is an interior décor company headquartered in the heart of Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria. Our core mission revolves around offering a diverse range of modern and Afro-centric lifestyle products to our valued customers. We pride ourselves on the art of curating quality products that align with the unique lifestyle choices of our clientele, always with a focus on evoking positive emotions.

At Inspired Walls, we have perfected the art of customer service through our “LUSTRE” approach, which stands for Listen, Unveil, Sort, Think, Review, and Execute. This methodology guides our commitment to excellence and enables us to tackle a broad spectrum of services, including comprehensive home renovations and furnishing projects for corporate and hospitality settings.

Our team is a collection of dedicated professionals who share a passion for bringing the company’s vision to life by blending creativity, top-notch products, and exceptional customer service. When you choose to do business with us, you’ll experience three key pillars that define our identity:

–  A Listening Firm: We place paramount importance on understanding each client’s unique needs, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions.

–  Quality Products and Services: We’re committed to delivering high-quality, trendy products and top-notch services that reflect our dedication to excellence.

–  Exceeding Expectations: Our goal is not just to meet but to surpass our clients’ expectations, leaving them pleasantly surprised.


We invite you to explore the world of Inspired Walls and discover how we can transform your living spaces with our creativity and commitment to excellence.


Our Vision

“To be the most impactful lifestyle brand from Africa inspiring lives globally”

Our Mission

“Strategically located, optimally operated stores in major African cities spreading positivity through distinctive lifestyle products with excellent customer” experiences”

Our Values

Our Core Values are:

    • Have Integrity
    • Lead with Love
    • Give a WOW Customer Experience
    • Be Creative and Passionate
    • Never stop learning and having fun at it
    • Take Initiative and own Responsibilities
    • Care by giving to the Community

Working With Us – Our Culture

We take great pride in our work culture, which fosters both personal growth and a strong sense of appreciation for everyone. We’ve successfully crafted an environment where employees eagerly look forward to each workday. Our way of life can be encapsulated in a single word: “HARMONY”.

    • H – Honesty
    • A – Adaptability
    • R – Respect
    • M – Meritocracy
    • O – Openness
    • N – Neatness
    • Y – Yielded

Any role openings will be advertised from time to time however you can reach out to us on: team@inspiredwalls.com


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